AMS 2431/1-8 八种丸料标准(英文版)
      发布时间:2018/10/14 22:50:10

      SAE AMS 2431标准中定义了喷丸用中常用的8种丸料。目录如下:

      AMS 2431/1-8
      AMS 2431- Peening Media
          General Requirements
      AMS 2431/1-Peening Media (ASR):    Cast Steel Shot, Regular Hardness (45 to 52 HRC)普通硬度铸钢丸(ASR,45~52HRC)E2010.12
      AMS 2431/2-Peening Media (ASH):    Cast Steel Shot, High Hardness (55 to 62 HRC)高硬度铸钢丸(ASH,55~62HRC)E2010.12
      AMS 2431/3-Peening Media (AWCR):    Conditioned Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shot, Regular Hardness  (45 to 52 HRC) 钝化后的常规硬度碳钢丝切割丸(AWCR,45~52HRC)D2007.05
      AMS 2431/4-Peening Media (AWS):    Conditioned Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot, Regular Hardness  (≥45 HRC)钝化后的不锈钢丝切割丸(AWS,≥45HRC)C2007.05
      AMS 2431/5-Peening Media
          Case Hardened Steel Peening Balls
      AMS 2431/6-Peening Media
          Glass Shot
      AMS 2431/7- Peening Media Ceramic Shot 陶瓷丸(AZB,58~63HRC)B2013.02
      AMS 2431/8-Peening Media (AWCH):    Conditioned Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shot, High Hardness  (45 to 52 HRC)钝化后的高硬度碳钢丝切割丸(AWCH,55~62HRC)B2007.05


      AMS-2431总则 英文版.pdf

      SAE AMS 2431-1 普通硬度铸钢丸(ASR,45~52HRC)英文版.pdf

      SAE AMS 2431-2 高硬度铸钢丸(ASH,55~62HRC)英文版.pdf

      SAE AMS 2431-3 钝化后的常规硬度碳钢丝切割丸(AWCR,45~52HRC)英文版.pdf

      SAE AMS 2431-4 钝化后的不锈钢丝切割丸(AWS,≥45HRC)英文版.pdf

      SAE AMS 2431-5 硬化喷丸球(APB)英文版.pdf

      SAE AMS 2431-6 玻璃丸(AGB,48~52HRC)英文版.pdf

      SAE AMS 2431-7 陶瓷丸(AZB,58~63HRC)英文版.pdf

      SAE AMS 2431-8 钝化后的高硬度碳钢丝切割丸(AWCH,55~62HRC)英文版.pdf


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